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  2. WARRANTY COVERAGE: Most hardware and software products are covered under manufacturer’s warranty during the initial period of use. If your product is under warranty the support services maybe available for free. Jamie Delivery Inc recommends that you contact the original supplier of the product in such circumstances.
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  5. Onsite Support: We provide onsite support for those customers who need support at their place. A customer can fix an appointment with the technician for the onsite support on the phone. A technician will reach at your place on the same business day or take one to three business days, depends upon the distance of your place from our service center. Jamie Delivery Inc. will clear the entire scenario over the phone before fix your appointment.
  6. SERVICE EXCLUSION: Please refer to “Exclusion from Services” in the Jamie Delivery Inc. service terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand services that are not included in the 1-year or multi-year maintenance contract.
  7. THIRD-PARTY DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE: Jamie Delivery Inc. when necessary use third-party software for diagnosing and fixing the problem. The software tools used are from leading companies such as Microsoft (e.g. Microsoft Security Essentials) or AVG (AVG Tune up) etc. Some of these third-party tools are available for free that you can obtain directly from these sites. Jamie Delivery Inc. does not charge for this software.
  8. PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE: Jamie Delivery Inc. currently does not use or sell any proprietary computer repair software or diagnostic tools.
  9. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The customer satisfaction metric is based on an online survey that all of our users are given the option of completing at the end of each repair session. Not all users complete this online survey. This metric is not based on a third-party audit by a market research firm specializing in customer satisfaction tracking studies. As such this metric may not be statistically accurate measurement of Jamie Delivery Inc. customer satisfaction.
  10. NO AUTOMATIC RENEWALS: Currently it is our policy to not automatically renew our subscribers.